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How to Draw a Cartoon – Ultimate Cartoon Drawing Guide

Cartoon Drawing Guide

A Cartoon is the representation of animated objects on the two-dimensional medium. Actually, Cartoon Drawing is the Unrealistic and unreasonable representation or painting on the 2-dimensional medium. For decades, the trend in cartoons is changing from one generation to generation. Most famous cartoons from past are, The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Power puff girls, Dexter, Kids Next Doors, Scooby-Doo, etc and many more. Cartoons Drawing is famous among kids and also among many cartoonists.

Cartoon Drawings
Cartoon Drawings

One can make cartoon drawings of different objects. It might be any person cartoon, any animal cartoon, etc. In Cartoon Drawings, things look different than in reality. It consists of think outlining and features of an object, that gives an unreal appearance to the sketch.

Many Cartoonist is making a cartoon in Comic books. It is popular among most of the teenage population as well as among children. A good cartoonist is the one who can notice every single detail about the object or a person to draw a cartoon of so that a viewer can easily recognize the object to which he is looking to. Children love to draw different cartoons as they are the audience of different cartoons in their daily life.

Learn the Following:

  • How to draw a Cartoon
  • Cartoon Drawing exercise


How to Draw a Cartoon

Follow these simple Steps to draw the face portion of any character or a person cartoon.

Step 1:

First of all, draw a circle and shape the skull of a person in it.

Step 2:

Draw Eyes and eyebrows in the skull so that it looks perfectly aligned.

Step 3: 

Draw nose and lips right in the center of eyes, to give perfectly a human look.

Step 4:

Draw hair and Proper Hairstyle to the Sketch. (According to picture you are drawing)

Step 5:

Give proper expression to face i.e. smile. Then Shade over the face to give it a proper human look.

Step 6: 

Draw an outline to the neck and shoulders.

Step 7:

Give curves and give proper shade over the neck portion.


Cartoon Drawing Exercise

You can see different cartoon drawings exercise below in pics and you can practice it, to gain perfection.

  • StepWise Cartoon Emoji Drawing Exercise.


  •  Eyes Cartoon Drawing Exercise Stepwise


  • Stepwise Emotions Cartoon Drawing Exercise 

  •  Cartoon Skull Drawing Exercise Step Wise

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How to Draw a Cartoon – Ultimate Cartoon Drawing Guide
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