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How to Draw a Swan – Step by Step Guide – DRAWING IDEAS

Swan is the animal and the bird that live on the water as well as on the earth. Swan is similar to ducklings but belong to another family. Here we will see that how to draw a swan by easy step by step guide.

Follow these steps to draw a swan with easy method.

Step 1:

Draw an s shaped structure that is closed to the lower end. Draw this rough outline with light lead pencil. This rough outline should be like a duck/ swans’ body.

Swan Drawing STEP # 1
Swan Drawing STEP # 1

Step 2:

Draw a beak and little tail. Also remove the dotted lines from the already drawn rough sketch of the swan.

Also draw a water line/ wave line showing that swan is swimming on the water.

Swan Drawing STEP # 2
Swan Drawing STEP # 2

Step 3:

Draw the wings and the eye of the swan. Blacken around the eye of the swan.

Also mark feathers curves on the wing and the tail of the swan.

Swan Drawing STEP # 3
Swan Drawing STEP # 3

Here we go with the final sketch of the swan. You can color it accordingly. Swans can walk as well as they can swim on the water. They are very beautiful animal of the nature.

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Watch Video Tutorial to Learn Swan Drawing

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Facts of swan:

  • Swans are grumpy, especially when they’re protecting their eggs or babies. They attack other birds that enter their territory. They’ve even attacked dogs or kids that came too close.
  • After swans scare off other birds, they flap their wings and call to each other in celebration – sort of like a swan high-five!
  • Socrates thought swans sang the most beautiful songs right before they died. This is why a last performance is sometimes called a “swan song.”

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How to Draw a Swan – Step by Step Guide – DRAWING IDEAS
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