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100+ Popular and Awesome Eye Drawing – DRAWING IDEAS

Eye Drawing – A Simple Guide

Drawings are actually the visual imprints on the paper or flex or even on a piece of cloth. Imprints might be of any kind and it depends on the artist that what he wants to draw and portray. Of all the attractive and beautiful drawings, Eye Drawing has been one of the most attention-seeking subjects, worldwide.

Green Eye Drawing
Green Eye Drawing

According to a Philosophy, “Eyes are the index of the mind”. That might be its reason to seek attention via drawing eyes. Many Artists and painters have various techniques to draw eyes in such a way that it might look attractive and glamorous. As Art is a field where Artist narrates their index or topic via their art. Same is with the eye drawing, Artists try to reveal the whole story or whole inner condition and situation of the person via drawing eyes. 

Eye Sketch
Eye Sketch

Various types and designs of Eyes drawings have been available below that portray the record of specific emotion or situation by only it’s work of art.

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Eye Sketch

Sketching is the kind of art where an artist draws a visual imprint with freehand via lead pencils. Sketching is one of the most established fields in the subject of art. Many people are involved in sketching as their hobby, profession and as well as their fun for leisure. Many People love sketching eyes. Mostly those students who have interest in drawings, draw Eye sketches on their notes and pages. A professional artist is very concerned about drawing perfect eyes. Because Eyes are one of the most critical parts of the human body that helps in person’s identity. That is why the artist who can draw a perfect sketch of an eye of a relative person so He is known as the perfect sketcher or artist.

Following are some sketches by some artist:

  • Eye Sketch 1
    Eye Sketch 1


Eye Paintings

Eye Paintings are really difficult to do. But for professionals, it is just their right-hand work. Just like any other task, a Work is difficult until you haven’t had a grip on it. Similarly, if once you have perfection in eyes painting then you can definitely draw eye paint with a perfect color combination and perfect outline.

Enjoy the Slideshow

  • Eye Painting 1
    Eye Painting 1

Eye Color Drawings

Eye Color Drawings can be drawn in various colors like blue, green, hazel, brown, light brown, ginger, Persian blue and black colors. Eye color drawing is also famous drawings drawing by different artists to portray the inner report and emotions of a person.

Enjoy the Slideshow

  • Black Eye Drawing
    Black Eye Drawing


Eye Drawing Tutorials

Eye drawing tutorials are available by different artists. Various and easy techniques can be used to dray Eye Drawing in most reliable and simple methods. You can find those techniques in tutorials.

Follow Step by Step:

For Beginners

Beginner Eye Drawing
Beginner Eye-Drawing

For Advanced

Advanced Eye Drawing
Advanced Eye-Drawing

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100+ Popular and Awesome Eye Drawing – DRAWING IDEAS
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