Life Drawing Vs Drawing From Photographs

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When trying to learn how to draw it is important that you pick a subject that will both challenge you but at the same time is not so hard that it discourages you. So the question is,

“What kind of drawing subject should you focus on?”

The answer is to draw things that you are familiar with. But draw them in a different and more challenging way.

In addition, you should try to draw single objects in isolation instead of trying to tackle an entire scene. Just pick something from your house and start drawing it as best you can.

Should you draw from life or from photograph?

Whenever possible, you should try to draw from life as it will give you the best result and you will improve much faster.

However, this can be difficult for people who are beginners, so it’s fine to start drawing from photos first. Just make sure that you eventually transition to drawing from life.

One thing that will help you to connect to the photo that you are drawing better is to take the photograph yourself.

But once you are comfortable with drawing from photos, it’s time to switch to drawing from life.

Life Drawing Vs Drawing From Photographs

When drawing from life, try to view the object from an angle that you are not used to. This will force you to really observe the object instead of relying on your memory.

A great place to start is your own hand. It’s always available, easily in sight, and can be positioned in all sort of different positions.

Here are some more ideas to help you practice your life drawing:

  • If you are used to draw slowly, try drawing very quickly. That will put you out of your comfort zone. And if you draw quickly, try drawing slowly for a while and see what you can pick up.
  • Keep challenging yourself and try drawing in styles that you might not have consider. You don’t have to adopt it forever, but at least try it out.
  • Try drawing moving objects, like people or animal, as this will force you to observe quickly and capture the essence of the subject quickly.
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