Importance of following step by step procedure in drawing

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The drawing is a favorite hobby for many people because it increases their creativity. It is not so easy to draw a picture because basically it requires a good drawing skill and then the users should be clear about its basic.

The picture or images should be started from the outline drawing, sketching and the final process would be coloring. So, the people who are newly started to learn drawing or have that as their hobby should improve their skills.

Many of the online platforms teach them to draw images using easy step by step drawings. It would be very helpful for the users and they can apply the same method while drawing anything. Here, the users can find the easy steps to draw a sunflower.

How to draw a sunflower?

  • At first draw a big circle and then draw a small circle inside the big one.
  • Draw the leaves and stem for each side and then draw a thin elongated shape of the petal.
  • Draw the petal for entire circle and some of the petals can be added to cover the circles.
  • The next process is drawing the slanted lines inside the smaller circle.
  • Now, refine the details of the stem and leaves.
  • Finally, use the proper colors to color the drawing.

By following the above mentioned steps, the users can quickly draw a picture of sunflower. This is the basic of drawing and following this method for every picture makes the users to become expert in drawing.

Tips to improve drawing skills:

The users are advised to follow the easy step by step drawings procedure for all the pictures. However, some of the drawing tips will help the users to enhance their skill. So, following the given tips will really help the readers to improve their drawing ability.

Only few people are born with best drawing skills and others can have it by improving their drawing quality. It is easy to draw the image but to draw a wonderful one, the user needs to repeat their drawing practice. Drawing is all about seeing and copying them in a chart.

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So, observation becomes the most important aspect in drawing. The users should observe each and every part of an image and need to draw them. It helps them to draw a complete picture.

If the users are not able to draw a complete picture, then it is advised to collect the model images as part.

So, they can start drawing part by part and that helps them to draw a complete picture. It is important to identify the Basic Shapes of an image and then the users need to concentrate about the Line Quality. The drawing style may differ by person, so the users are advised to have a unique style of drawing.

It is very clear that a good drawing always require a lot of practices. So, the users are advised to practice the drawing all the times, which helps them to become as a drawing expert.

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