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What things to draw for Beginners – Kids Drawing

Kids Drawing – Read Helpful Guide

Kids Drawing is far much more different than the field or artistic drawing. We can say that it is the introductory stage in the field of drawing. Kids drawing has various categories of drawings. But the most common drawing for kids is the Sketching of Teddy bear, House, Clouds, Mountains, Aeroplanes, a scenery for garden and a family picture sketch.

Kids drawing has round about only 30 percent accuracy of the sketching similar to the object although 60 percent of it looks surreal and improper to fit in the original posture of an object. Objects in kids drawings are thick and have a chubby appearance with zig-zag outlines than that of the perfect outline.

Here are some Kids Drawings in the Portion so you can teach to your children and then from their practice, they can become master in that.

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  • Easy drawing for Beginners.

Easy Kids Drawing

As practice makes man perfect. Here are the some of the drawings that if your child can practice then he can become master in it.

Here I will explain an easy drawing of a ROSE for your kid.

Follow these simple steps and understand these easy tips in order to draw a perfect rose drawing for your kid,

Step 1:

Draw a small coffee bean in the center of the paper.

Step 2:

Make a spiral outside of the coffee bean, just as to show the rose petals.

Step 3:

Draw two of the squiggly lines i.e one inside spiral and the second outside the spiral.

Step 4:

Now draw 2 leaves like structure just to give the packing look for rose petals.

Step 5:

draw the outside of the petal just by making simple curve.

Step 6:

Make the base and stem of the Rose.

Step 7:

Now add leaves on the both sides of the stem.


Easy Drawing for Beginners

As the drawing of the rose above, many different drawings are also available to draw by kids. Like they can simply draw house sketch, bird sketch or mountains scenery, and many other options are also available for them as well.

Easy Video Tutorials For Kids Drawing – Step by Step Guide

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What things to draw for Beginners – Kids Drawing
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