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How to Draw a Crane – Step by Step Guide – DRAWING IDEAS

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This is a beginner guide to draw a crane with i just simple four steps. We have shared a series of animal drawing and birds drawing for beginners just explore in other categories.

Following are the steps to draw a crane:

Step 1:

Draw the rough sketch of crane.

Draw the head, neck and the body of crane drawing as shown below.

Crane Drawing STEP # 1
Crane Drawing STEP # 1

Step 2:

Draw the long legs with thin texture and sharp feet at the end of the legs. Also draw a long sharp beak on the head circle of crane. Draw the tail at the end of the body. Also draw curves to the tail of crane.

For give  a beautiful look to drawing, you have to remove the unnecessary lines from the drawing.

Crane Drawing STEP # 2
Crane Drawing STEP # 2

Step 3:

Draw the wings and eye of the crane. Also draw a partition line on the beak.

Crane Drawing STEP # 3
Crane Drawing STEP # 3

Step 4:

Now the final step is to color the crane bird drawing. You can choose the color of your choice as cranes are usually white in color with the brown legs, feet and beak. After coloring you can proceed towards the framing of the crane bird drawing.

Crane Drawing STEP # 4
Crane Drawing STEP # 4

So that’s it for the sketch. You have the perfect Crane Bird shape, so now go in and frame your drawing.

Watch Video Tutorial to Draw a Crane Step by Step

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How to Draw a Crane – Step by Step Guide – DRAWING IDEAS
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